Process Pumps Reduce Downtime

Aug. 10, 2018
Watson's process pumps feature an enhanced operator and control system interface, and a bright color display.

With the addition of two larger models, the existing 530 model process pump is joined by the 630 and 730, which feature an enhanced operator and control system interface, and a bright color display.


With no valves or seals in the product stream and an unrivaled flow turndown, Watson-Marlow 530, 630, and 730 peristaltic pumps play an increasingly important role for the reliable metering of aggressive and shear-sensitive fluids without contamination. The pumped fluid is totally contained within the tube, providing complete isolation of the fluid. Backed by a five-year warranty, the new pumps offer users the complete confidence needed in harsh industrial applications.


These latest process pumps are designed to reduce downtime, optimize metering and offer the ultimate in process flexibility – one range of pumps for all flow demands. Flow range extends from 0.000000264 gallons per minute (gal/min) up to 14.53 gal/min with the 730. Both the new 630 and 730 are available with four drive options and two pumpheads for single channel flows. The 630 offers a precise 2650:1 speed control range, which is increased to 3600:1 on the 730.


Impressive accuracy and process integrity is assured via a new, simple-to-use HMI requiring minimal key presses to reduce the opportunity for costly mistakes. Furthermore, users and process engineers will benefit from enhanced process security with the addition of a 3-level PIN lock. The pumps are self-contained and easily configurable, so there is no need for separate variable frequency drives or complex control devices. Control options include manual, remote, analogue and RS485 digital communications, along with integrated PROFIBUS networking capabilities.


Watson-Marlow process pumps are preferred in many industries where reliable metering of aggressive chemicals is required. For example, the process pumps range are widely used in water and wastewater treatment for metering sodium hypochlorite and other common disinfection chemicals - resulting in reduced maintenance and the elimination of vapor lock.


The 530, 650, and 730 pumps are proven to outperform other technologies with a superior flow range and easy integration into a user’s control system to reduce chemical costs and improve the process. A typical diaphragm metering pump has a flow control range of 100:1, in comparison with 3600:1 from a WMFTG process pump.


Food and beverage manufacturers also rely on these pumps to maintain product integrity throughout production. The 530, 630 and 730 pumps ensure the safe dosing, metering and transfer of colors, flavors, finings and additives along with a low-shear, gentle action.


The company’s long life and chemical resistant Marprene thermoplastic elastomer tubing is the ideal choice for industrial applications as it offers wide chemical compatibility and long life, along with low gas permeability. Where good suction and pressure capabilities are required in abrasive slurry applications,


Depending on a user’s process needs, the pumps can feature LoadSure tube elements, which provide simple, error-free tube loading. Using the patented LoadSure D-connectors and easy-grip clutched rotor, the tube element can be changed in less than one minute without the need for special skills.