Brennan Industries Inc.  introduces the new presetting tool used to preset ferrules on tubing prior to final assembly into a fitting. The presetting tool is ideal when an installation must be made in tight spaces or hard-to-work areas. Manufactured from carbon steel, the Brennan presetting tools for instrumentation tube fittings are available in sizes 5/8 inches and up.    “The presetting tool lets major portions of installation work happen in a more favorable work setting because it allows for the presetting of the ferrules onto the tubing in a safe, open and ground level area,” said Bill Jarrell, vice president of marketing at Brennan. “Users that have installations in cramped areas or overhead will benefit from our preset tool.”    To use the preset tool, the user must secure the tool in a vise, remove the protective nut and assemble the fitting nut and ferrules loosely onto the tool then insert the tubing through the nut and ferrules until it bottoms in the preset tool.     After standard assembly procedures have been followed, the tubing with the nut and ferrules can be removed from the body of the preset tool and attached to the tube fitting body by following standard reassembly instructions.