SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction Step Covers

March 25, 2010
Non-load bearing SAFEGUARD® Step Covers are designed to fit over existing steps, providing a brand new surface with durable antislip performance. They cover the leading edge, providing excellent traction that exceeds OSHA standards, even in adverse conditions. Convert your steps to safety treads. Retrofitting SAFEGUARD® Step Covers both provide a non slip stair and avoids the high cost of replacing worn stair treads. Safeguard offers its Hi-Traction Covers in a range of sizes, base constructions, colors and grits, with complete installation instructions provided.Also available:Hi-Traction Ladder Rung CoversThe Covers provide superior traction and long lasting performance, and significantly enhance ladder safety. They are resistant to many chemicals, corrosion, and the harsh abuse of boot traffic up and down the ladder. SAFEGUARD® Ladder Rung Covers are ideal in either indoor or outdoor use, in all types of harsh weather or dangerous conditions. A range of safety-oriented color options is available, as well as two-tone combinations and photoluminescent HiGloTraction (glow-in-the-dark) configurations.Hi-Traction Walkway/Landing/Platform/Ramp CoversSAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction Walkway Covers enable you to create non-skid flooring surfaces for many different areas where slips and falls can pose hazards. Safeguard offers its Walkway Covers in custom sizes based on specific needs.  The products are available in the full range of Safeguard colors and grit sizes. Some users create a super safe non skid environment by covering the entire working or walking area. Others may use a “heel-and-toe” pattern to provide an anti slip walkway. Installation is easily accomplished over existing surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal plate and grating with little or no downtime.