ProGuard™ Logger’s Safety Caps

May 17, 2010
Elvex new generation of safety helmet is designed to work in conjunction with hearing and face protection. The new helmet has a striking design, and it is available in a ventilated version, which is a desired feature for construction and forestry applications. A non conductive model is available for applications requiring this feature.•    ProGuard is available ventilated or dielectric and are offered with pin-lock or ratchet suspensions. The suspensions have wide and flexible fabric straps that have wide contact areas towards the head. This helps provide long term comfort and durability. A soft brow pad is standard. All models offer easy head size adjustments.•    Face and hearing protection are integrated into the overall design, and works together like a system. Earmuffs offer between 24 and 27 dB Noise Reduction.•    The face shield system incorporates a spring loaded visor bracket, and face shield options include nylon and steel wire screens as well as impact resistant polycarbonate shields.•    Elvex ProGuard caps  comply with ANSI Z89.1-2009, Type I, Class E or C depending on model. Type I helmets are designed to protect against falling objects (top impact) and are not designed for side protection (lateral impact). Class E (Electrical) is intended to reduce the danger of exposure to high voltage. Tested to 20,000 Volts. Class C stands for conductive, and are not intended for electrical work.