Pivot 180 Oscillating Fan

May 20, 2010
“Ceiling-space-challenged” operations - like many manufacturing, distribution and service center facilities - need cooling air movement over large areas, but may not have the overhead space to accommodate 8 to 24-foot ceiling-mounted Big Ass Fans. The new Pivot 180 responds to this need because it is designed to be installed on a column or other vertical structure. In addition, Pivot 180’s oscillating function allows the air generated to radiate 100 feet outward, enveloping a 180 degree arc from side to side - a coverage area of an incredible 12,000 square feet. If more concentrated air movement is required, the oscillating function can be switched off easily and the fan aimed in one direction. For even more control, the fan can be easily pivoted up or down for optimal airflow.Unlike typical industrial floor or barrel fans that are noisy, disruptive and have electrical cords that can present serious tripping hazards, Pivot 180 delivers maximum airflow and quiet operation while remaining up and out of the way. An easy-to-use touch pad and dial controller gives customizable comfort with adjustable air speed and the lightweight, low-profile cage provides additional protection for both the fan and occupants, should that be desired. Built with industrial strength components that withstand the harshest environments, Pivot 180 is Big Ass Fans’ response to those customers who told us they wanted a Pivot that could actually…well…pivot. Back and forth, or rock steady- Pivot 180 is ready to move into YOUR favorite position.