Recycle Carts Tout Full Color Graphics, Serial Numbers

April 30, 2010
Recycling carts and containers feature optional permanent, molded-in company logos, tracking numbers and other markings to promote cart security, deter cart theft and ease identification of the carts and their contents. Available as molded-in graphics or as raisedlettering, the full color imagery and/or text may include the names,addresses and phone numbers of companies or municipalities, serialnumbers, Web sites, names of recyclable material types in transit andother custom information in a choice of languages and in virtually anytype face or size.Ideal for recycling processors, scrap collection companies, wastegenerators, municipal recycling programs and others, the carts andcontainers with permanent graphics and text are waterproof andweatherproof and retain their markings despite frequent washdowns,demanding handling and frequent or long-term exposure to the elements.Rotationally molded from 100% polyethylene, the MOD carts offer asuperior alternative to stenciling, painting, handwriting and othertemporary marking methods. The permanent, molded-in graphics and textare available on the company’s entire line of recycling collectioncarts, containers and tilt trucks.