Light Curtains for Industrial Doors

May 18, 2010
Carlo Gavazzi announces the launch of the BFD Series, a sophisticated light curtain for industrial doors.  This new light curtain carries features that enhance the safe and efficient operation of industrial doors, and is very simple to install and use.      The BFD’s unique sequential blanking algorithm allows it to distinguish between a door closing and an object or person in the door opening.  When the door area is clear, the closing door will block beams in a pre-determined sequence, and will not trigger an alarm signal from the BFD.  However if a person or object (such as a raised forklift) breaks a single beam or middle set of beams, an alarm output is immediately sent, which can stop or reverse the door, or prevent it from closing.  The BFD is a much more reliable and easier to maintain solution than a safety guard edge; and unlike individual photoeyes, the BFD provides continuous protection through the entire door height, up to 8.2 feet (2.5 meters).    The BFD is designed to be mounted inside the door track rail, and is available in two different housing types, to ensure the right fit for every door installation.  It works in door openings up to 12 meters wide.  With an ambient light immunity of  over 100 kLux and an available IP65 housing, it is suitable for use on exterior doors as well as interior doors.  It is available in two different heights,  6.5 feet (2 meters) and 8.2 feet (2.5 meters), with each having NO or NC selectable outputs.     The BFD is supplied with connectorized and color coded cable.   An available mating cable kit allows simple installation.