300 Series of monitored Industrial Ethernet Switches

May 19, 2010
N-TRON Corporation, a global leader in Industrial Networking, today introduced four new products into their highly successful 300 Series of monitored Industrial Ethernetswitches—the 308FX2, 309FX, 316TX and 317FX. In addition to the highly-coveted N-ViewMonitoring Software that accompanies the N-version devices in this Series, the line is recognized for its compact size, extreme reliability and full wire speed communications for use in industrial data acquisition, control, and Ethernet I/O applications.The new 300 switches are designed to solve the most demanding industrial communicationsrequirements while providing high throughput and minimum downtime. The devices utilize leadingedge IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX switching technology that prevents choking network bottlenecks by eliminating virtually all data collisions and increasing determinism. The products use auto sensing capabilities to detect upgrades and modifications to the network, intuitively scaling up or down to meet the demands of the evolving network environment. All 300 products automatically configure themselves on the network and auto-negotiate the speed and flow of data. The switches accommodate up to 4,000 MAC switches making them ideal for complex and sophisticated network environments.Monitored Activity. The 300 Series offers optional N-version switches that ship with N-View Monitoring Software. When installed, N-version products autocast a small Ethernet packet containing a port-by-port status of the switch, including five switch level data points and 41 data points per port, at regular intervals. This information is captured by the N-View OPC Server Software and can be used by application software running in the same Windows environment with OPC Client capability.Built for EnduranceThe new 300 switches are built to perform flawlessly in tough industrial settings. Their compact size, rugged enclosures, and extended environmental operability make them perfect for harsh conditions where extreme temperature, vibration, noise and shock variables are routine. The product line boasts a MTBF of over 2 million hours of flawless service.