AeroVent 3 aerosol can depressurizer

Aug. 10, 2010
AeroVent 3 aerosol can depressurizer converts hazardous aerosol cans to recyclable material. Newstripe’s AeroVent 3, quickly punctures and drains up to three aerosol cans at one time reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal.Puncturing and draining used aerosol cans allows the cans to be sent out as scrap metal instead of paying for hazardous waste removal of a pressurized can. The AeroVent 3 is installed in the large bung opening of standard 30 or 55-gallon drums. The included carbon filter is installed in the smaller bung opening. One to three cans are placed in the machine and a simple clamp seals, punctures and drains the cans in one step. Drained materials are collected in the drum for later disposal and the activated carbon filter absorbs harmful vapors. Backed by a 36-month warranty, the AeroVent 3 also includes an antistatic cable.