Waterless Hand Cleaner

Oct. 14, 2010

Timber Wolf waterless hand cleaner cleans and moisturizes the skin, repels mosquitoes, and prevents and relieves the symptoms of poison ivy/oak. It offers three functional capabilities in one bottle, something that procurement and personnel working in the outdoors will appreciate.  That translates into dollar savings, reduced inventory, and ease of purchasing. 

No other vendor can provide a product with the aforementioned characteristics. The cleaner uses  the finest personal care cosmetic ingredients to formulate a skin friendly, pH balanced, biodegradable, multifunctional green product.

The cleaner dissolves and removes poisonous sap, prevents skin rash and skin reactions caused by the sap of poison oak and ivy. It also relieves itching caused by poison oak or ivy and dries areas of irritation and limits further spread of the rash.

  • dissolves and removes poisonous sap
  • repels mosquitoes
  • relieves the symptoms of poison ivy/oak