Transit Thermometer

Oct. 18, 2010
A small, reliable and inexpensive temperature indicator for transit and storage of both cold and hot temperature goods is available from Telatemp Corporation. Called the ColdSNAP+ Transit Thermometer, the device consists of a bimetallic sensing element that snaps at a pre-determined temperature, turning a “LOW TEMP” indicator window bright red when the temperature goes below a predetermined, ‘cold’ setpoint. When the temperature rises above a predetermined, ‘hot’ setpoint, a “HOT” indicator window turns within one second from silver to black, permanently. ColdSNAP+ Transit Thermometers can indicate descending temperatures of -5°, 0°, +5º or ±10ºC, and ascending temperatures of 38°, 41º, 43º, 46°, 49° or 54ºC within a single, compact unit. The Cold SNAP+ low temperature indicator is accurate to ±2°C. ColdSNAP+ Transit Thermometers are designed to replace delicate chemical sensors and fragile glass with a reliable, tamperproof permanent record when subjected to establish low and high critical temperatures. In use, ColdSNAP+ indicators are small (1.38” x 0.69” x 0.22” thick) and lightweight (0.15 oz.), and features a self-adhesive backing for easy attachment to the product being monitored.  The rugged housing and mechanical design make the units quite reliable, with a long storage life.
  • indicates descending temperatures of -5°, 0°, +5º or ±10ºC
  • ascending temperatures of 38°, 41º, 43º, 46°, 49° or 54ºC
  • single, compact unit