Sept. 14, 2010
IBAG North America has added a new rotary coupling system that allows the use of their popular Micro Line high speed spindles in turret style machines. The rotary coupling provides support for all electrical and pneumatic requirements for the high speed spindles, with models available to support 2 or 4 spindles. Built with a IP67 rating, the new rotary coupling uses positive air over-pressure to prevent any coolant or chip contamination, and can rotate up to a maximum speed of 500 RPM. The pneumatic supply within the coupling also provides air-seal to the spindles. The rotary coupling is mounted to the CNC lathe turret face. An anti-rotation shaft prevents the coupling from rotating as the turret spins. Any IBAG Micro Line spindle can be used with the coupling, providing speeds up to 100,000 RPM for micro-milling and small diameter drilling applications. Ideal for medical machining on Swiss-type lathes, custom spindle mounting brackets can be used to allow cross-drilling or milling at unique angles. IBAG offers fixed right-angle spindles, as well as adjustable spindles in diameters up to 25 mm, and power up to 250 watts.