Direct Drive Frameless Motors

Nov. 10, 2010

ULT Series get even larger through holes. Driven by customer demand and new applications in camera vision systems, Applimotion now offers some of the thinnest radial cross-section motor available. Whether it is an optics application with line of sight through the motor’s center, or a need to maximize the wiring payload in a slip ring gimbal system, these motor can help. Initial sizes in the 2.5 and 4.5 inch diameter are offered. Future sizes are planned.

These motors remain true to the ULT ultra-thin origins with very low profile construction. ULT motors operate using standard three phase brushless DC or brushless AC drivers with voltage ranges from 12-300 volts. Hall device options are available.

There is no need to only go slow with Applimotion ULT motors. Direct Drive doesn’t necessarily mean low speed. We are now achieving speeds up to 10,000 rpm with the correct electrical match between the motor and driver.

Applimotion continues to quickly react to customer feedback providing unique motor options in less lead time than the competition requires for their standard products. The ULT motor line has evolved over the last 10 years with over 200 different models to choose from.

  • Initial sizes in the 2.5 and 4.5 inch diameter are offered
  • very low profile construction
  • voltage ranges from 12-300 volts