Faster speeds, increased weight capacity and indexing capabilities are the characteristics driving Dorner’s new 3200 Series iDrive belt conveyor. The iDrive Series, which debuted last year on Dorner’s 2200 Series conveyors, represents the latest in conveyor innovation: integrating the motor, gearbox and motor controller all within the frame of the conveyor. This sleek, space-saving design allows the conveyor to fit into the tightest of spaces without worry.

 Seen as the big brother to the 2200 Series iDrive, the 3200 Series iDrive conveyor is designed for more heavy-duty industrial and packaging applications. Its robust frame and motor can carry more weight, operate at faster speeds and is available in larger sizes. The conveyor also comes with indexing capabilities to handle more sophisticated conveying applications. This new addition from Dorner gives customers greater flexibility in selecting the right iDrive conveyor to meet their exact application needs. Plus, both iDrive series are designed for making automation better with years of worry-free operation.

The 3200 Series iDrive comes with three control options and is ready to use for quick integration into existing packaging and processing lines. Side controls allow operators to adjust speed and direction with ease, and an internal brushless DC motor is maintenance free.

  • V-guided belts for maintenance-free tracking
  • Rack and pinion belt tension
  • Built-in tension indicators
  • Two T-slots for fast mounting of automation components
  • Quick five-minute belt changes