A new conveyor idler aligner featuring a safe and effective method to manually fine tune OEM-style self-adjusting idlers has been introduced by Martin Engineering.  The MARTIN® Idler Aligner ensures precise adjustment, using a handle and comb for course modification, with slots for finer tuning.  Proper alignment is an extremely important factor in a conveyor system, as a misaligned belt can cause uneven wear, belt / structure damage and material spillage.

The aligner bracket mounts to most manufacturers’ self-aligning idlers, allowing for broad application.  To improve safety, the design eliminates the need to tie off idlers to the surrounding structure, and the locking bar features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access and handle movement.  The slotted comb on the new idler provides a range of incremental adjustment settings (±7.5°) to ensure consistent performance.  The handle can also be allowed to float freely on top of the locking bar to provide course adjustments of ±2.5°.

The MARTIN® Idler Aligner installs quickly and easily — a one-person job requiring no measuring, cutting or heavy lifting — allowing workers to safely and conveniently make manual adjustments to fine tune the idler from outside of the stringer.  The new design is also available in stainless steel construction.  

  • ensures precise adjustment
  • design eliminates the need to tie off idlers
  • installs quickly and easily