Fine-Boring Tool Improves Security

Sept. 5, 2019

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is releasing a new-generation CoroBore 825 dampened fine-boring tool. The system makes use of Silent Tools™ technology, with dampers dimensioned specifically to suit every adapter size in the assortment and deliver maximum performance for the user. This solution not only elevates process security where vibration issues are frequently encountered, such as when machining with long overhangs but also improves productivity since cutting data can be increased substantially.


Among the principal updates in the latest-generation tool is the change of boring head material from steel to aluminum. In addition, the head has been shortened so that the damper comes closer to the cutting edge, which is beneficial for process stability.


The CoroTurn insert carriers for the new tools have entering angles at 92 to 95-deg. This design increases stability due to reduced tool assembly deflection, making it possible to approach the bottom of a blind hole without engaging a greater part of the cutting edge.


CoroBore 825 is ideal for all fine-boring applications, covering diameters from 19 to 167 mm (0.748 to 6.575 in.), while a new assortment of cartridges can be utilized for back-boring applications. During back boring, the same internal coolant flow to the cutting edge is offered as in conventional boring.