PPT VISION’s newly released IMPACT® M-Series Embedded Vision System delivers increased precision and speed to automated inspection, guidance and identification production processes.

Featuring up to four asynchronously triggered cameras that run on a single processor, the M-Series Embedded Vision System allows each M-Series camera to be independently optimized with the appropriate speed, resolution and size. With high-speed camera frame rates—up to 210 frames per second—the IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System provides complete images to the dual-core processor, allowing capture of fast moving products. Designed with high performance processing, the IMPACT M-Series performs at more than twice the speed of most of today’s cameras, resulting in more high quality inspections.

The IMPACT M-Series’ high-speed performance is possible in a compact size, allowing easy set up on the factory floor—even for space-constricted applications. Combined with smaller camera sizes—the M-100 camera’s footprint measures 29 x 29 mm—the IMPACT M-Series delivers high speeds and precision in areas with limited access or environmental constraints. With 15 IMPACT M-Series camera models available, users have the ability to choose the right camera speed, resolution and size to accommodate versatile application requirements.

“The IMPACT M-Series Embedded Vision System surpasses other smart cameras by delivering twice the speed and processing capability in challenging manufacturing applications,” said PPT VISION Chief Executive Officer Bob Heller. “By combining high speed and precision, the M-Series provides the flexibility and performance needed for challenging inspection processes.”

The new M-Series Embedded Vision System allows users to perform up to four unique inspections that can be initiated independently—at different times or simultaneously—utilizing a single vision processor. By eliminating the need to purchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, the IMPACT M-Series saves additional costs and reduces setup and networking time. The M-Series is an ideal machine vision solution for manufacturing industries that require more than one inspection, including electronics, pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer products and automotive.

  • high speeds and precision
  • up to four asynchronously triggered cameras
  • high-speed camera frame rates