Tharo Systems, Inc. manufacturer of the THARO H-Series printers, presents a new stand-alone label printing station that, once label formats are downloaded from a computer, can be remotely operated and perform many software functions using a keyboard with no computer attached.  These new thermal/thermal transfer label printers set new standards in flexibility of use, security, and standard, out-of-the-box features.

Download label formats, graphics and databases to the printer’s Flash Memory (or a CompactFlash Card), disconnect the printer from the PC, plug in a standard PC keyboard, and take the printer to another location.  Using the keyboard, you can input data, specify the number of labels to print, and merge database information into your format...all without a computer attached.  The H-Series printers provide greater security as well, because a format downloaded to the Flash Memory cannot be altered without re-attaching the printer to a PC.

Ideal for companies concerned about the additional cost of a computer, saving work space, harsh environments for computers and training “computer” operators, the H-Series was designed to work with or without a computer, giving companies more flexibility in meeting their labeling requirements.

  • can be remotely operated
  • designed to work with or without a computer