PolyVee Conveyor Roller Belts

Dec. 22, 2010

Conroll’s Polyvee belts are the perfect solution for driving PolyVee grooved roller-to-roller conveyors. Unlike conventional PolyVee belts made of rubber with reinforced cords, these 3-rib belts are solid polyurethane.

They are specifically designed to stretch, allowing easy assembly and providing shock absorption for start-stop operation in zero pressure accumulation conveyors, as well as on transport conveyors.  The urethane material has a high coefficient of friction and, coupled with the wedging action of the ribs, slippage is avoided.  As it is normal for polyurethane belts to slightly “relax” their tension when first installed, Conroll belt lengths are correctly sized to compensate for this initial relaxation property.

Available for rollers of 1.9-inch to 2-inch diameter mounted on 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch centers, these belts are perfect for new installations as well as for direct replacement in existing conveyors.

  • solid polyurethane
  • 3-rib belt
  • designed to stretch