PolyBrush Conveyor Brush Mat for Delicate Parts

July 1, 2023
OPT Industries' vibratory conveyor parts mat has a 20-deg. trim angle to ensure parts never move backward and receive no damage.

PolyBrush is a vibratory brush mat product that uses angled polymer bristles to safely move delicate parts without damage and ensures that parts never reverse direction. The 3/16-in. trim, replaceable brush mat lines vibratory conveying surfaces, and is suitable for minimum back pressure accumulation and transport conveyors due to its 20-deg. fiber angle. Density has been optimized to provide support for fragile pieces by holding them away from the conveyor.


Easy to install and replace, PolyBrush is easily cut with a band saw, box cutter or razor, and secured with standard methods, such as hook and loop tape. Pieces can be cut to size to enable spot replacing, reducing the need to replace entire panels.


The mat should be kept out of contact with organic solvents and oil-based liquids. Only water-based coolants should be used.

 PolyBrush Panel Size (W x L x trim) 6 x 24 x 3/16 in. (152 x 610 x 5 mm) Weight Recommendation Parts weighing 20 g (0.71 oz) or less Operating Temp. 61 to 131°F (16 to 55°C)