The FDS-Wi is a wireless gateway designed for easy integration with facility monitoring and management systems. The convenient wireless design helps reduce installation costs associated with hard-wired sensors and systems.The FDS-Wi comes equipped with a 418 megahertz radio receivercapable of receiving signals from select transmitters sensing temperature,humidity, motion, power transmitters, dry contact, analog (0-20mA),0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC signals and a 900 megahertz receiver capable ofreceiving signals from sensors and point repeaters.

The FDS-Wiintegrates these signals to facilities monitoring systems in the form ofSNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, and BACnet/IP.The FDS-Wi can receive signals within 100 feet (30.48m) in open airspace with the 418 MHz frequency and up to a quarter mile (402.34m) ofopen air space with the 900 MHz frequency. Repeaters are used to addadditional distance between the FDS-Wi and the wireless sensors(transmitters).

Mesh Network

The FDS-Wi operates over a wireless distributed system (WDS), a type ofwireless mesh network (WMN). The benefits of this system over otherwireless networks is that it offers increased coverage and is typically morereliable. A distributed system helps increase performance and scalabilityand still allows the units to be geographically separate.

Network Repeater

The FDS-Wi can be integrated into larger systems, such as a networkmanagement system (NMS) via SNMP protocol, or a buildingmanagement system (BMS) through BACnet and Modbus protocols andcan serve as a network repeater to convey alarm status information to acentralized location

  • convenient wireless design
  • can receive signals within 100 feet
  • can be integrated into larger systems