Contrinex has developed a new RFID product range that works according to high-frequency technology (13.56 MHz). This new system allows for the integration of all tags complying with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 15693 standard.

It is particularly user friendly because its read/write modules can be connected directly to an RS485 field bus. In this way, a network of up to 253 read/write modules may be created. By means of a USB adaptor, up to 10 read/write modules can be directly addressed physically from a control console.

The physical address of a specific read/write module is determined by means of a selector built into the device. And by programming each read/write module separately, up to 253 addresses can be controlled. To ensure easy use of the system, a demo program provides the user with an introduction to the system.

This new system complements the current Contrinex RFID system that features all-metal components for particularly demanding environments (low-frequency technology),

  • integration of all tags
  • up to 253 read/write modules
  • user friendly