TSL RAIN RFID Reader Family

Oct. 12, 2022
The HID TSL RAIN RFID Reader Family modules enable developers to create customized reader hardware designs.

The HID TSL RAIN RFID reader module family includes three options for designing compact fixed readers as well as readers used in mobile and battery-operated handheld and wearable devices. Applications include asset tracking/inventory management, automation, safety and compliance, personnel tracking, and authentication. The modules feature TSL technology and next-generation Impinj chips, and they enable efficient RFID reader designs using the intuitive TSL STORM development protocol.


The family includes: TSL 3117 with a single antenna port, based on the Impinj E710 reader chip, TSL 3417 with four antenna ports, based on the Impinj E710 reader chip, and TSL 3419 with four antenna ports, based on the Impinj E910 chip for Enterprise-grade fixed readers. These HID TSL reader modules reduce reader design complexity, time-to-market, and development costs through its STORM protocol that enables complex tag operations to be executed using simple and powerful pre-configured command sets.


HID’s TSL reader modules exceed the read range, reader sensitivity, and tag throughput of alternative modules in a compact, easy to integrate form factor.

  • High sensitivity (>-90dbm)
  • Fast tag acquisition rate (>1300 tags/sec)
  • Up to 50% lower power consumption than previous generation chipsets
  • Broad compatibility with latest generation UHF sensor chips which include the measurement of temperature, humidity, strain, acceleration, and more.