Casella USA today expanded its instrument portfolio with the introduction of a new Air Velocity Meter (anemometer) engineered to simultaneously measure air flow volume, wind speed, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Because of its versatility, the new meter helps save time and money by reducing the number of separate tools required for each operation.

Professionals will find this economically-priced meter perfect for ventilation surveys, air conditioning, heating and environmental monitoring, building maintenance and commissioning, and face velocity testing in fume hoods or spray booths. For those testing ducts to reveal proper or improper airflow, the meter has a built-in air flow calculator to determine the volume of air current and average volume, along with a fast response temperature sensor. Flow rate is displayed in a choice of m/s, Km/hr, mph, knots, ft/min or Beaufort measurement units with tracking maximum, minimum and average values.

The meter's data-logger allows a maximum of 99 records to be stored on internal memory, or to be transferred to a computer by RS-232 for further analysis. There is also a data hold that continuously displays the last reading taken, and a memory recall function.

Air velocity measurements often call for the user to be in dimly lit areas. For that reason Casella's new meter features an over-sized backlit LCD panel to display measurements. The instrument is extremely lightweight and compact, yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment. Its aluminum impeller relies upon low-friction ball bearings that provide superior accuracy even in the slightest of breezes.

  • reduces the number of separate tools
  • allows a maximum of 99 records to be stored on internal memory