Model 300 Programmable Timer

Jan. 23, 2017

The Model 300 Programmable Timer can be set for one of five functions, covers four timing ranges, and has a power supply for any AC/DC voltage from 10 to 28 Volts or 40 to 260 Volts. An SG version of this model is available using silver with gold flash contacts. The digital design of the Model 300 provides high accuracy, repeatability and response time. The output of the Model 300 is a heavy-duty SPDT electro-mechanical output relay. Programming options are chosen by simply setting the four DIP switches on top of the relay, and then adjusting a potentiometer for percent of delay. A LED indicator illuminates when the relay is energized. The Model 300 can be set to Delay-on-Release by adding an external jumper between pins 6 and 8 (see Installation Instructions on product data sheet for more details).  The Model 300 is UL Recognized and CSA Certified.





L = 10-28V       AC/DC
H = 40-260V    AC/DC

Timing Range

0.15 seconds to 64 minutes



Response time




Contact rating

10A at 240VAC resistive

Operating temperature

-20º to +140º F

Case material

NORYL Plastic


8-pin socket  (not included)**



User's Guide