DR-2 Precision Adjustable Pressure Regulators

Jan. 12, 2018
Clippard's miniature regulators provide excellent accuracy and repeatability of ±0.15 psi.

The DR-2 series regulators are robust, cost-effective devices that provide precise repeatability (±0.15 psi), sensitivity, and stability in a small, sleek package. Designed for applications where zero air consumption is required (non-bleed), they are ideal for medical devices, analytical equipment, lab automation, printing, process control, and more. Relieving and non-relieving designs are available. As regulator applications continue to increase, Clippard is meeting the demand with a variety of models, options, and pressure ranges.


  • Exceptional repeatability — ± 0.15 psi
  • Provides a high level of precision and accuracy
  • Features non-rising internal adjustment
  • For applications where zero air consumption is required (non-bleed)