Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoders

Feb. 14, 2011
Baumer has introduced its new HS35 family of incremental hollow shaft encoders, including a fully-programmable version, for heavy-duty positioning and speed control applications.  Available in an IP67 version, these extremely rugged encoders withstand shocks up to 200 g, high-pressure cleaning, and ambient temperatures from -40°F to +212°F. The encoders' ultra-precise optical scanning system delivers unrivaled positioning with accuracy to 60 arcsececonds.  Rugged, accurate Baumer HS35 encoders are available in programmable square wave, square wave and sine wave versions. Baumer HS35 encoders are available for shaft diameters from 0.5 to 1.0 inches and can be customized further via shaft insert adapters.  These isolation shaft inserts provide electrical isolation against voltages up to 2.5 kV, preventing bearing corrosion and wear.  The encoder's ShaftLock system with its large diameter between ABEC5 bearings allows the shaft to reliably endure high mechanical loads even at speeds up to 5000 rpm and 60 arcsec or better accuracy. The heavy duty design of the HS35 encoders includes extra durable castings and wall structures that withstand long-term exposure to harsh environments. Dual seals, lubricants and a durable powder coating on the bearing housing and cover effectively protect against corrosion and allow operation in nearly all environmental conditions.  In IP67 versions, high performance impermeability seals protect against high pressure wash down. Tether mounting allows for easy installation. The HS35P offers fully-programmable resolution, index, and outputs, allowing customization and minimizing encoder inventories. The resolution is PC programmable to between 1 and 8,192 ppr in increments of one.  Zero pulse position/width, HTL/TTL outputs and rotational direction are also programmable. The encoder can be programmed directly via the supply line using the user-friendly software. Designed to endure extreme mechanical strain, Baumer HS35 encoders are ideal for motor and drive control in a range of heavy duty applications including oil and gas processing, wind power, food and beverage processing, metalworking, printing, packaging, material handling, solar/PV module manufacturing, textile processing, wood/lumber processing, and heavy equipment such as cranes, hoists, elevators, and service vehicles.
  • withstand shocks up to 200 g
  • accuracy to 60 arcsececonds
  • for shaft diameters from 0.5 to 1.0 inches