Incremental Encoders

May 7, 2022
Wachendorff Automation's WDGN series of incremental encoders is configurable via NFC.

The WDGN series of incremental encoders enables configuration of any pulse count from 1 I/U to 16,384 I/U via NFC. After downloading the WDGN app to the smartphone, the desired parameters and values can be configured without contact or voltage.


Encoder configurations created can be saved under different names, reloaded at any time, and transferred to another encoder, meaning that saved configuration sets can be used for the encoder in different applications. The configuration set can be read out, saved, shared, and reused for other encoders at any time after entering the PIN.


Advantages include the flexibility to test the optimum number of pulses and optimum spare parts, logistics, and warehouse management as the free app allows communication with the encoder without an internet connection.

  • Any number of pulses up to 16,384 via NFC configurable
  • HTL/TTL via NFC configurable
  • Protection class IP67, at shaft input IP65 or IP67/IP69K
  • High output frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Reverse polarity protection and short-circuit protection at 4.75 to 32 VDC