Casella USA is offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional light measurement devices with its new Digital Light Meter designed to help facility managers measure and maintain safe light levels. Compact and affordable, this instrument measures light intensity from sources across all the visible range in either Lux units (200,000 max) or foot-candles (20,000 max). Users will find it an ideal solution for determining whether or not workplace light levels are in compliance with ANSI, OSHA, NFPA and other nationally-recognized safety codes. It can also be deployed by photographers and videographers as an professional-grade exposure meter. Push button ease and an illuminated 3.5-digit LCD with over-range indicator means the new meter can be operated successfully by a novice straight out of the box. It will capture light readings within ± 3% accuracy thanks to its silicon photo diode and built-in cosine angular correction. Spectral response is close to CIE luminous spectral efficiency, an unusual feature for a light meter in its price range. Two meter designs are available: The full-featured M129005 with data hold, DC analog output, Max/Min/AVG hold and zero adjustment, and the economical M129004 with data hold, Max hold and zero adjustment.
  • measure and maintain safe light levels
  • push button ease
  • captures light readings within ± 3% accuracy