Low Profile Plastic Belt Incline Conveyor

March 3, 2011
A plastic belt modular incline conveyor that features adjustable angles up to 60° is being introduced by Safe Conveyor, Incorporated. This low profile Modular Plastic Belt Incline Conveyor provides product transfers from under equipment to containers as high as 43” (Fills Gaylord bins on pallets). Adjustable angles up to 60° and removable guide rails combined with Safe Conveyors unique pin less belting makes this an amazingly simple, maintenance free and easily repairable unit.  Heavy duty aluminum extruded design is durable yet lightweight for applications that require frequent and easy movement of equipment. Energy efficient variable speed drive moves products at speeds up to 25 feet per minute while using less than 1/4 amp. (Standard 115 volt AC).
  • adjustable angles up to 60°
  • removable guide rails
  • pin less belting