SencorpWhite  has announced their latest product launch, the PowerColumn3, the only vertical lift module (VLM) designed and manufactured in the United States. The PowerColumn3 is well-suited for discrete part storage and retrieval in a variety of applications including manufacturing and warehouse/distribution, to name a few. The PowerColumn3 incorporates automated height sensing, providing slotting flexibility by tray height, making it ideal for storing a variety of sized parts and components. There are five standard tray widths, four standard depths, two standard tray carrying capacities, and 11 standard configurations. SencorpWhite can also custom design and manufacture PowerColumn3 for specific customer applications. “We started with a clean sheet for the design of the PowerColumn3. Our design team was driven by feedback from installers, users, and service technicians.” explained Brian Urban, President and CEO of SencorpWhite. “The PowerColumn3 is the only VLM manufactured exclusively in the United States. The design features standard configurations, but can quickly and efficiently be customized for specific applications. In addition, the PowerColumn3 design offers cost benefit from reduced installation time, and significantly longer life expectancy than other VLMs.” “In addition to an innovative hardware design, the PowerColumn3 incorporates intelligent Genesis inventory management and control software,” Urban explained. The Genesis software offers Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities, bringing cloud computing to AS/RS applications. This allows users to link multiple machines in multiple locations together through the web-based inventory management software.
  • Height range from 10 feet to 50 feet
  • Standard 1,000 and 2,000 pound maximum live tray load capacity
  •  Rack and pinion tray elevator drive