Tractor Drive

March 28, 2022
The lightweight Tractor Drive from Gorbel has a specialized design of its drive wheel.

Delivering power and performance, the Tractor Drive for motorized movement of both new and existing Work Station Cranes provides precise movement in a lightweight, small size. The combination of the precision drive assembly and specialized design of the drive wheel creates smooth acceleration and long life.


The drive wheel has a molded polyurethane thread and a spring-loaded compression adjustment, allowing for constant pressure and responsive operation.


With ? HP and an 18000 RPM induction motor, this tractor drive is ideal for heavy and awkward-shaped loads, operations that require tall trolley saddle heights, and operations where the operator needs to maintain safe distance from the load.


Its standard and fast options are available with programmable speeds. Its Variable Frequency Drive Controller has both a soft start and soft stop and can be set for single, double or triple speeds.


Additional features include ease of installation, a modular drive design, and bolt on truck and trolley connections.

  • ? HP
  • 18000 RPM induction motor
  • Variable Frequency Drive Controller has both a soft start and soft stop and can be set for single, double or triple speeds
  • The standard drives are configured for 208 to 460V 3 phase power, and a 575V is also available