Damo Super Guard Protects Pallet Racks in Warehouses

March 16, 2011
Damotech announces the Damo Super Guard. The Damo Super Guard protects pallet racks in warehouses from damage, typically from forklifts.  Unlike other rack protection products, the Damo Super Guard has an extra level of durability, including five anchor bolts with high shearing capacity to sustain the most common impacts in warehouse environments.   “The Damo Super Guard is a notch above our other pallet rack guard products,” announced Damotech’s Co-President Eric Naaman.  “This one wraps more fully around the rack upright, and is anchored by five anchor bolts.”The Damo Super Guard is available immediately throughout North America.
  • protects racks from forklift impacts
  • greatly improves rack strength
  • superior anchoring with five bolts