Single- and Dual-Digital Encoders

March 31, 2011
Providing design engineers with compact means of converting rotary motion to a series of digital pulses, TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a line of single-and dual-digital rotary encoders. Designated the EN08 Series, the RoHS-compliant rotary encoders feature a compact 8mm design with options of a SPST momentary switch and dual encoders with concentric shafts. Suitable for a wide range of applications including digital audio/video equipment, navigation systems, appliances and machine tools, the encoders have a mechanical-type contact and are sealed to IP50 specifications. “The EN08 Series digital encoders feature a 2-bit Gray code,” said Richard Hsieh, marketing director for TT electronics BI Technologies. “These rotary encoders are ideal for a variety of digital applications in audio, visual and appliance applications, and their versatility and options make them one of the most easily integrated encoder series on the market today.” The EN08 Series consists of three model styles:
  • EN08-N: side adjust, single encoder, SPST momentary switch.
  • EN08-S:  side adjust, single encoder without momentary switch option
  • EN08-C:  side adjust, dual encoders with concentric shaft.
The compact 8mm encoders have 20 detents per revolution with rotational torque of detent rated at a maximum of 1.0oz-in. The operating life is 50,000 cycles, and the optional SPST momentary switch life is rated at 15,000 actuations. The encoders feature a maximum operating speed of 30RPMs at 10 pulses per revolution. The closed circuit resistance rated at a maximum of 3.0 Ohms with a 1.0mA/5Vdc contact rating. The SPST switch has a maximum operating force of 850 gf and travels up to 0.5mm. Operating temperatures range from -30°C to +70°C.
  • RoHS-compliant
  • feature a 2-bit Gray code
  • compact 8mm