Spacesaver® Industrial™ introduces ActivRAC™ Mobilized Storage, a full line of space-saving storage systems that gives manufacturers and companies in the material handling and logistics industry the ability to increase their capacity for meeting mission-critical objectives without having to expand their existing facilities or lease new space – and at the same time – uncover new opportunities to improve productivity and profitability.

With ActivRAC Mobilized Storage, otherwise stationary (or fixed) rows of pallet racking are mounted on carriages and mobilized. The carriages, which can also be equipped with shelving and cabinets, travel on wheels mated to a rail system. By moving side to side, the patented-pending system is able to eliminate space-wasting aisles and “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint when compared with a stationary system – yet provide 100 percent access whenever needed.

By putting storage areas to work, ActivRAC Mobilized Storage lets forward-thinking companies uncover square footage they never knew existed and effectively manage “the other materials” in their facility, which consist of essential support materials, such as spare parts and tools, and items that are normally classified as low-turn materials.

Spacesaver Industrial Vice President Ken Bowman says an ActivRAC storage system is ideal for those who want to eliminate wasted space and improve their operations by looking beyond automated and engineered systems alone, which are primarily designed to move materials as quickly as possible from storage to shipping and vice versa.

“There are many strategies and solutions for managing fast-moving materials, which make up the largest percentage of items at most manufacturing and distribution operations,” Bowman says. “Yet progressive companies recognize the need to get more out of their existing facility and more effectively manage the materials that make up a smaller, yet critical part of their operation in order to succeed. We’ve designed and engineered ActivRAC Mobilized Storage to help companies focused on this growing area of importance.”

The Spacesaver Industrial line of mobilized storage systems includes motorized, electric push button and  mechanical-assist manual operation systems customized to each application. The line consists of the ActivRAC 8 and patented-pending ActivRAC 16 and ActivRAC 30 models with 8,000, 16,000, and 30,000 pound per carriage section capacity, respectively.

An ActivRAC mobilized storage system requires just one moving aisle that opens and closes to provide fast, easy access to stored materials. The system can replace an existing stationary racking/shelving system altogether, or be equipped with existing racking/shelving. When compared with a conventional stationary system, ActivRAC systems can give users up to 100 percent more capacity within the same footprint. Or, users can maintain current storage levels, but occupy up to 50 percent less floor space. capacity, respectively.

Fast-aisle opening cycle times help to maintain or improve productivity – which is in addition to the inherent productivity gains of using a system to store items closer to the point of use. The systems also are equipped with a host of robust safety features. Additionally, ActivRAC Mobilized Storage supports sustainability initiatives given its ability to minimize the need for facility expansions or new construction; thereby preserving habit or promoting open spaces while also reducing operating and life-cycle costs. The system’s carriages are also manufactured from recycled steel.

  • travel on wheels mated to a rail system
  • eliminate space-wasting aisles
  • 8,000, 16,000, and 30,000 pound per carriage section capacity