stepIM Integrated Closed-Loop Servo-Steppers NEMA 17

Feb. 3, 2023
The IP65-rated stepper motor from STXI Motion delivers an efficient solution for applications requiring the performance of a servo at the price of a stepper.

The stepIM NEMA 17 EtherCAT model is the latest addition to the family of integrated closed-loop servo stepper motors. The IP65-rated stepIM NEMA 17 delivers an efficient and economical solution for applications requiring the performance of a servo at the price of a stepper. It creates the ability to lose the cabinet and gain design flexibility in decentralized motion architecture applications, where space is a limitation and performance optimization is needed.


With a closed-loop servo control by Servotronix Motion Control, the stepper is available in three sizes:

  1. Short: 3.8 in. (97.4 mm) motor length
  2. Medium: 4.2 in. (105.9 mm) motor length
  3. Long: 4.7 in. (120.4 mm) motor length

The stepIM enhances the performance of stepper motors when compared to conventional open-loop control. The integrated electronics control the motor as a two-phase BLDC motor, implementing position servo loop, velocity loop, DQ current control, and additional algorithms. Closed-loop commutation, by means of an absolute single-turn encoder, ensures optimal torque use at any speed.


In addition, the closed-loop steppers support decentralized machine architecture by allowing machine builders to get rid of the cabinet and enhance motor performance with no step loss. The integrated design also minimizes component and wiring requirements. Further, it can function as distributed I/O points, reducing machine complexity.

  • Sophisticated closed-loop control enhances motor performance with no step loss
  • Operates in torque, velocity, and position modes
  • Efficient torque use optimizes motor sizing
  • Integrated design minimizes component and wiring requirements
  • Reduced space, installation efforts, and system cost
  • Fieldbus: CANopen DS402 & EtherCAT
  • Synchronized control of coordinated motion profiles
  • Reduced machine complexity, as stepIM can function as distributed I/O points
  • Available in IP20 & IP65
  • CE compliance
Input Power, Nominal (±10%)14 to 48 V DC
Aux. Input Power, Nominal (±10%)6 to 24V DC
Aux. Input Power, Max.1 W
Detent Torque15 mNm25 mNm
Thrust Load Limit0.6 lb. (0.28 kg)0.8 lb. (0.36 kg)1.3 lb. (0.6 kg)
Overhung Load Limit20 N
Rotor Inertia57 g/cm282 g/cm2 123 g/cm2
Holding Torque @
Continous Current
0.35 Nm0.45 Nm0.65 Nm
Holding Torque @
Peak Current
0.5 Nm0.6 Nm1.05 Nm
Continuous Output Current1.8 A
Peak Output Current3.5 A
Step Angle1.8-deg.
Magnetic Encoder, Resolution4,096 PPR
Circuit Loss6 W
Weight0.8 lb. (0.37 kg)0.9 lb. (0.44 kg)1.3 lb. (0.59 kg)
Operation ModesProfile position, velocity, profile velocity,
profile torque, homing, cyclic synchronous position
Software Tools 
User InterfaceServoStudio, Windows-based
FunctionsConnection settings, drive info, power info,
I/O config., motion settings/tuning,
fault history
Rotary Units
Position Counts
CANopenCANopen: CiA 301 application layer and
CiA 402 device profile.
Baud rate 10 kbps to 1 Mbps
CAN ID 1 – 126 (Default 101)
Heartbeat producer, SDO, PDO (dynamic mapping)
EtherCATCANopen: CiA 301 application layer
and CiA 402 device profile.
Communication cycle time: up to 250 µs
Protective FunctionsI2T limit, over/under-voltage, drive over-temp.,
over-speed, velocity/position error,
magnet missing, power stage fault,
PLL lock lost, position command error,
acc/dec violation
StandardsIP20 CE, IP65 CE / UL pending
Ambient Temp.   Operation: 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage: 32 to 158°F (0 to 70°C)
Heat Sink Max. Temp.212°F (100°C)
Motor Max. Temp.248°F (120°C)
Operating Conditions
Protection ClassIP20
Pollution Degree2 as per IEC 60664-1
ConfigurationFlange mounting