Super Turbo chamfer mills are designed to provide high metal removal rates while reducing production costs.


The chamfer mills feature a high positive cutting rake angle and positive helix angle to reduce power consumption, resulting in freer cutting and reduced harmonics. The design increases tool life as compared to standard APxx style cutters, helping to reduce cost per part. The strong insert screws and thick, robust inserts offer increased reliability for fewer tooling changes.


Super Turbo chamfer mills are available in setting angles of 30, 45, 60, and 75-deg., with a depth of cut capability of 0.197 to 1.653 in., for production of the most common open or close to shoulder chamfers. The tools are available in Seco-Capto and Combimaster back-end options, with standard shell mill mounting styles in either inch or metric arbor holes. All versions include internal coolant channels.


As part of the Super Turbo mill family, the chamfer mills use the full range of Super Turbo insert grades, including Duratomic coatings and geometries. This ensures that the tools apply across a wide range of materials and applications.