High Temperature Borescopes, available from Schoelly Imaging Inc., enable inspection and analysis of areas otherwise inaccessible to standard remote viewing instruments.  Designed for use at operating temperatures up to 2000º C, these specialty High Temperature Borescopes provide critical inspection solutions for a wide range of industries, including glassmaking, metallurgy, cement plants, refuse incineration, power plants, automotive research, chemical and food production. They are available in diameters from 10mm and lengths up to 2000mm. Special Features and Options     Schoelly Imaging’s High Temperature Borescopes feature adjustable focus, and are offered with optional illumination and cleaning systems to eliminate particulate buildup on external optical surfaces.  They can be equipped with custom mounting flanges tailored to your application, are easily adapted for video and image archiving technologies and can be designed FDA compliant.
  • provide critical inspection solutions
  • available in diameters from 10mm
  • lengths up to 2000mm