Quality Vision International, Inc.  announces the introduction of its new full function benchtop digital measuring machine, the QVI SNAP™. SNAP represents a breakthrough in ease of use and advanced capability for non-contact digital measuring machines (DMMs). Simply walk up to the SNAP, place a part on its stage, and measure, quickly, easily, and accurately. SNAP’s digital megapixel camera with Native Video™ image processing provides high definition video images with up to 50:1 sub-pixel resolution. Six digital zoom positions provide “zoom anywhere” capability, letting you zoom in on any portion of the image to measure small part details — all without moving the part.

SNAP comes equipped with the powerful yet intuitive Measure-X® 2D metrology software. Measure-X 2D provides a full range of feature measurements, with no limit on the number of points or measurement steps in any routine. To program, start with CAD import or just place a part on the stage and measure. Best of all, subsequent parts may be placed on the stage in any orientation — Measure-X’s unique AutoCorrelate function automatically recognizes the parts and measures them, with no operator setup required.

SNAP can measure anything in its 78 mm field of view, and its advanced telecentric optics keep parts in focus. With 75 mm vertical stage adjustment, SNAP can measure parts up to 100 mm tall.
Substage profile light, coaxial surface light, and a programmable 8-sector multicolor ring light are all included with SNAP, making it easy to find the perfect lighting combination to suit your particular measurement needs.

  • high definition video images with up to 50:1 sub-pixel resolution
  • six digital zoom positions
  • Measure-X® 2D metrology software