Gripper Kits Reduce Effort And Time

June 2, 2017
Rethink Robotics has simplified deployment

Designed to supercharge your assembly, picking, packing, and general handling, the GP-series 6-axis robots offer an array of benefits. These gripper kits are a unique solution for end-of-arm tooling by going beyond the wrist with embedded sensing in each end effector. They quicken and simplify deployment time by removing the need for customization; the intelligent tool plate lets users swap end effectors by hand, in seconds. 



Ideal applications for the different gripper kits:


Test and
PCB Handling
and ICT
PackagingMolding OperationsLine Loading
Vacuum Foam
Gripper Kit
Vacuum Large Gripper Kit  X XXX
Vacuum Small Gripper Kit X XXX 
Pneumatic Large Gripper KitXX X   
Pneumatic Small Gripper KitXXX