Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Systems

June 29, 2011
Built to perform in the harshest environments, Hazlux® H3 Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Systems from Thomas & Betts are the first fluorescent emergency lighting available for use in hazardous locations. The cooler operating temperatures of compact fluorescent lamps result in lower temperature codes. With lower temperature codes, the fixtures can be safely used in a wider range of hazardous locations.

 Internal components are encased in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing and lamps are fitted with a glass globe and polycarbonate guard for protection. Hazlux H3 Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Systems are designed for wet conditions and meet UL595 for inside, drip-proof marine locations. Their operating temperature range is from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius).

The sealed, maintenance-free nickel-cadmium batteries will power the two 13-watt, PLC-type, compact fluorescent lamps for at least 90 minutes, and are rated for seven to 10 years of operation. The fluorescent lamps can be set for continuous operation (first on AC, then on DC) or for operation only during a power failure. The lamps are rated for 10,000 hours of life, reducing maintenance costs.
Hazlux H3 Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Systems are rated for UL844 Class I, Division 2 and Class II environments, including adverse industrial locations. They also meet Life Safety Code and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, as well as the broadest range of UL924-listed hazardous fluorescent emergency lighting systems. The bright red epoxy finish enables Hazlux H3 Fluorescent Emergency Lighting Systems to be recognized quickly for maintenance and testing. 

  • for use in hazardous locations
  • cooler operating temperatures
  • rated for 10,000 hours of life