BR50 Series Stacklight

Jan. 27, 2022
Featuring a modular design, the BR50 Series Stacklight from Pfannenberg is available in several custom configurations.

Increasing luminosity of up to 10,000%, the BR50 Series Stacklight line of signaling devices features an online configuration tool that makes it easy to design a simple stacklight. The increased levels of ambient light and a more visible indication of status results in facility safety.


The exponentially brighter LEDs offer higher visibility in a slim design. The LED’s heightened luminosity is further amplified by the internal prisms’ impact-proof, heat-resistant, and dust-proof polycarbonate lens.


BR50 Stacklight’s easy-to-assemble component architecture supports up to five interchangeable modules. They are available in several custom configurations, with up to five color segments independently actuated and a sound module that provides a distinctive audible warning for sensitive applications. Users can select from BR50 LEDs for continuous or blinking operation.


The “build your own” option lets users create a custom design with a wide range of options for voltage, mounting style, color combination/sequence, IP rating, safety and network capability, and signaling modes.

  • Modular design with sturdy housing for all indoor and outdoor applications in tough conditions
  • High protection system IP 54 (optionally IP 65)
  • Monitored module for greater safety; the light bulb has two separate LED strands. If one strand fails, the alarm contact is activated and the second strand continues to light
  • Shock and Vibration Tolerant (LED or Xenon)
  • UL Listed