Workspace Management Starter Kit

Dec. 17, 2021
The Workspace Management Starter Kit from Actility is equipped with several devices to monitor multiple operations simultaneously.

Focused on the monitorization of work areas, the Workspace Management Starter Kit is an IoT solution which allows users to simultaneously monitor data provided by indoor environments like temperature, humidity, lighting, personnel presence, and directional people counting (left-right) for real-time monitoring of staff interventions, cleaning based on real-time usage data, and improvement of the team’s productivity.


The kit helps management units to monitor multiple operations simultaneously and drive new insights with the data provided by smart sensors, allowing to act on real-time usage data and pre-set thresholds, connecting and monitoring all assets through wireless sensors, centralizing data readings in one single place, and exporting and sharing information across the whole business.


This solution offers a range of automation opportunities to optimize business outcomes. Monitorization, measurements, recordings, and alerts on real-time control systems are provided. The application dashboard displays information about monitored equipment, enabling a navigation panel for facility management through a dashboard including workspace occupancy, environmental monitoring, and proof of cleaning.

The kit is equipped with the following devices:

  • The IoT sensor for temperature, humidity, light, and presence in an indoor environment. This sensor can be installed inside rooms, offices, shops, and halls for 24/7 environment monitoring, allowing users to configure both sampling mode and transmission schedules, configurable via Downlink or NFC.
  • Personnel presence IoT sensor through magnetic cards designed by Skiply Smilio.
  • The Parametric PCR2 sensor for measuring peoples flows with directional counting (left/right), which can be mounted sideways or overhead to detect people passing by.
  • Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure.
  • The UfiSpace Enterprise Indoor Gateway, which allows to conveniently create a LoRaWAN coverage around buildings. The gateway has an intuitive web and application interface for easy installation.
  • 3 months subscription to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service, the LoRaWAN private network which streamlines IoT network operations, providing enterprises with a proficient UX to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications.
  • 1 hour of technical assistance during trial period.