CH Products introduces the CJ Series joystick, an ergonomically designed multifunction handle purposely designed for safety critical hand-operated applications.  Featuring non-contacting Hall effect technology for long-life performance and in one or two axes configurations, the CJ Series’ compact size, reliability and high functionality are ideally suited for off-highway and construction vehicles and machinery. The CJ Series is a multifunction handle featuring configurable top and bottom faceplates that can be easily customized for specialized machines requiring high switch content.  This modular design provides OEMs flexibility and cost effective solutions for high or low volume motion control applications.  User defined options include toggle switches, momentary or maintained pushbutton switches, proportional miniature joysticks, LED's and rocker switches. Ergonomically designed to minimize operator fatigue while maximizing functionality and safety, the CJ Series features natural contours and pushbutton locations that can be easily reached without operator strain.  Safety critical configuration options include a person-present “deadman” lever, capacitive proximity sensor, directional guide feel and redundant Hall effect outputs which provide more than 10 million lifecycle performance.  Featuring an industry common hole pattern and mounting cutout, the CJ Series can easily replace early generation third-party multifunction joysticks and can be adapted into existing OEM applications.  Environmentally sealed for IP67 protection against the ingress of dust and liquids, the CJ Series is ideally suited for construction vehicles including cranes, loaders and excavators.
  • for safety critical hand-operated applications
  • one or two axes configurations
  • multifunction handle