Mini Roller Conveyor

Sept. 23, 2011

Pucks are commonly used to carry odd shaped bottles, containers or other objects that would be difficult or impossible to convey on their own bottoms. Pucks are generally custom designed for carrying specific items but the basic shapes are standardized to be easily conveyed on their own bottom surfaces.Today it is common practice to employ expensive flat top plastic chain systems to convey pucks, expensive because, by nature, the chains must be double the length of the conveyor. Typical package roller conveyor systems are not suitable for such applications due to their roller sizes and lengths.

However, in this new systemdeveloped by Conroll Corporation, everything has been miniaturized to provide roller centers of 1½ inches and inside frame widths of as low as 3 inches. Conroll employs a ½ inch diameter hardened steel line-shaft supported by several pre-lubricated needle bearings. Each carrying roller is individually driven by  round polyurethane belts which, themselves, are wrapped around acetal spools mounted on, and which slip on, the powered line shaft. Sufficient torque is available to convey lightweight goods smoothly and quietly, yet loads can accumulate on the line with minimal back pressure. If required, photo eyes and/or timers can be installed for periods when the system is dormant.The Mini conveyor is powered by a low voltage (24 VDC) gearmotor  and conveyor speeds are infinitely variable from 10 to 80 feet per minute accomplished by simply turning a knob.

Different sections can be set for different speeds. The conveyor is produced in standard 5-foot long modules with two versions; a powered unit with motor drive, and an adder unit which can be connected with ajaw-type coupling to yield a powered 10-foot conveyor. Of course, longer runs can be accomplished by using more powered and  adder  modules.The end result is a powered low pressure roller conveyor system capable of handling objects as small as 3 x 3 inches and weighing up to 20 lbs.

  • powered by a low voltage (24 VDC) gearmotor
  • speeds are infinitely variable from 10 to 80 feet per minute
  • standard 5-foot long modules