Clean Air America, Inc.  introduces the Clean Air Smart Collector™, a next-generation, variable-sized collector of weld smoke, grinding particulate, laser and plasma cutting dust, and more found in industrial environments. This compact collector offers high performance collection of dry filtration particulates generated in welding, grinding, plasma & laser cutting, buffing, polishing, sanding, mixing operations, and blasting applications. Removal of these pollutants is critical to providing a clean working environment for workers within manufacturing and production areas.

“The EPA estimates that most workers are exposed every day to indoor air contaminants that can lead to serious health problems, respiratory ailments, and fatigue, along with causing cancer and headaches,” said Jorgen Brahm, senior vice president of Clean Air America, Inc. “Clean Air offers many products that meet the Low Energy Air Filtration (LEAF) industry standard for greener products and work environments. The Clean Air Smart Collector™ can be combined with a Clean Air Smart Panel to meet LEAF standards where users experience upward of 80% less energy usage.“

Clean Air Smart Collectors feature high efficiencies that are particularly important for applications involving toxic dusts or where air is being re-circulated. These compact collectors range in size from 4-48 cartridges and 1000 – 35,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The Clean Air Smart Collector™ is superior to all other designs out on the market due to its unique combination of features and benefits, such as filters positioned vertically with pulsing from the bottom using an enhanced, updated Down-Flow Technology.  The Collector also features a 50% better filter lifetime versus other vertical style collectors and 75% better filter lifetime versus horizontal designs. Plus, the Clean Air Smart Collector™ has the lowest overall TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) on the market.

Clean Air Smart Collectors present minimal safety risks to workers because they do not have to enter the collector to remove the filters. The Smart Collector features a greater internal filter area to allow for better cleaning of the filters. The cartridges can be replaced quickly, and workers are not exposed to the dusts. The result is crystal clean air, even in high production environments. Plus, Clean Air Smart Collectors have an internal motor/blower enclosed in a compartment that is fully lined with high tech noise abatement for the lowest overall noise level.

The Clean Air Smart Control™ uses the Clean Air Smart Pad™, which is a 6” HMI (Human Machine Interface) connected to a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) that enables the operator to monitor the system’s filter status, change variables for pulsing of the valves, and timed data logging of the system. The Clean Air Control™ Panel is placed in a NEMA 12 approved control panel, built in the Clean Air UL 508A approved panel-building shop and can be placed remotely in a convenient location inside a facility.
  • range in size from 4-48 cartridges and 1000 – 35,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • clean working environment for workers