Mobile Mesh Data Collection

Sept. 16, 2011

OEM Data Delivery (“OEM DD”) a creator of advanced jobsite data management and telematics systems, has introduced a breakthrough product for companies who need to efficiently manage valuable equipment assets in multiple locations. 

Mini-Pod is a compact, features-rich system that allows owners or foremen to capture, and conveniently use, critical information from each individual machine so it can be used to best advantage.  Information captured includes location, machine hours, idling vs. work logs, mileage and PTO time.  Mini-Pod also facilitates the tracking of dispensed fluids, including fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid, for every unit in the fleet.  

Mini-Pod is a wireless, paperless, "hands-free" device that, despite its modest price point, is a powerful data aggregator that is at home in any "severe service" environment, creating a remote equipment network that allows both people and equipment to work more efficiently.   

Mini-Pod has a cellular antenna, and a radio antenna. Its short-range radio communicates with the satellite, providing aggregated data through a cellular connection.  GPS coordinates are stamped onto the record as hour data is collected. Information is collected passively, within a range of 300 ft. line-of-sight, and transmitted via secure radio link.  Captured information can then be accessed via email or web reports.  Data can be easily integrated into any major back office management system.

Mini-Pod is ideally suited for installation on a supervisor's pickup truck. In addition to real-time tracking, it allows both job estimating, and job costing, to be more accurate.  It is a valuable tool for monitoring the health and performance of equipment, too, since operating expenses rise when needed maintenance is not performed.  

Mini-Pod will also generate service alerts, so servicing can be scheduled when it’s least disruptive to production schedules, and the costs of over-servicing can be avoided. 

In addition to generating real-time information on key jobsite resources, Mini-Pod provides a means to prevent fuel theft and the unauthorized dispensing of fuel - a problem which is certain to become more worrisome, as fuel price volatility continues.

Mini-Pod is an economical alternative to having individual machines carry expensive cellular data modems and data plans.  It covers up to 50 individual machines, and can, for many companies, eliminate thousands of dollars in data costs every year.

Mini-Pod has security options for employee and / or equipment approval.  It is the newest addition to OEM DD's comprehensive suite of jobsite management products.  Like other OEM DD jobsite tools, it was engineered specifically for "heavy service" work environments, and communicates with all other OEM DD devices. Systems are custom-engineered to user requirements, and typically consist of multiple modules, which can be implemented simultaneously, or over time.  Training takes just a few hours.

Mini-Pod has 256K bytes of program memory; 15K bytes filter RAM, and 12K bytes of external EEPROM.   Voltage is 12 to 24V or 110V as an option. 

  • wireless, paperless, "hands-free" device
  • cellular antenna, and a radio antenna
  • will also generate service alerts