Hauler™ Line of Utility Vehicles

Sept. 30, 2011

Cushman® introduces the Hauler™ line of rugged, versatile utility vehicles, ideal for a variety of applications in facilities and grounds management, construction, and other industries and fields.

The Hauler line offers numerous features to make daily tasks and maintenance more efficient. An optional limited slip differential provides for greatly improved traction and control on wet or loose terrain. Each Hauler features a standard steel brush guard and integrated front bumper to protect the body, finish and vehicle components from the wear of daily use and abuse. The Hauler line’s top and tubular-steel struts were designed to offer maximum visibility and protection from the elements, and also offer a modern, stylish look.

Large headlights integrated into the vehicle’s cowl are specially designed and positioned for maximum light dispersion in front of and around the vehicle’s front, for high visibility at dawn and dusk. For even better visibility in low-light conditions, the vehicles can be equipped with optional high-output LED headlights.

“It is exciting to launch the Hauler line of utility vehicles as Cushman celebrates its 110th anniversary of building tough, rugged and versatile work machines,” said Michael R. Parkhurst, vice president of sales for Cushman. “The Haulers are the latest in a proud line of respected, high-quality vehicles that reinforce the commercial legacy of the Cushman brand.”

The Hauler line features four different models, offering a variety of payload capacities and powertrain options:
Hauler 800 — The Cushman Hauler 800 is available with either a quiet, zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain or a high-torque, fuel-efficient 13-hp Kawasaki® engine with a hemispheric combustion chamber. With a maximum capacity of 800 pounds, a 5.9-cubic-foot cargo bed and bench seating for two, the Hauler 800 is an ideal runabout vehicle for smaller tasks.
Hauler 1000 — For larger jobs that require additional payload, the Cushman Hauler 1000 provides a total capacity of 1,000 pounds and a larger cargo bed of 9.6 cubic feet. The Hauler 1000 is fully electric, with a zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain with eight six-volt batteries for more power and extended range between charges. For tasks that require even more cargo space, the Hauler 1000 can be built with an optional 14.9-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed. The Hauler 1000’s bench seat can accommodate up to two people.
Hauler 1200 — The Cushman Hauler 1200 is the largest vehicle in the Hauler line, with a 1,200-pound capacity and a 9.6-cubic-foot cargo bed. The Hauler 1200 is powered by a powerful yet fuel-efficient 13-hp Kawasaki engine, and seats up to two people. The vehicle is also offered with an optional 14.9-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed to handle jobs that require more cargo space.
Hauler 1200X — At the toughest job sites, look to the Cushman Hauler 1200X. The Hauler 1200X is available as a fully electric model powered by a 48-volt drivetrain that offers a full six inches of ground clearance and a total capacity of 1,000 pounds, or a gas-powered model that offers 5.3 inches of ground clearance and an 800-pound capacity. Both models feature trail tires and a 9.6-cubic-foot cargo bed; for jobs that require more cargo space, the vehicle is also offered with an optional 14.9-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed.
To meet the specific needs of any facility, Cushman Haulers can be customized with a wide variety of options and accessories, ranging from towing implements, locking glove boxes and powered dump beds to enclosed cabs.

  • standard steel brush guard
  • integrated front bumper
  • top and tubular-steel struts