Kalmar Robotic Portfolio

March 14, 2022
The Kalmar Robotic Portfolio offers autonomous, self-driven solutions that are safe and sustainable.

Consisting of the Kalmar RoboTractor, RoboLifter, RoboStacker, and RoboHandler, the Kalmar Robotic Portfolio contains a range of intelligent, flexible, and autonomous mobile equipment designed to improve safety and eco-efficiency. Solutions can be remotely controlled or operate totally autonomously.


The smart equipment can make operating your fleet more effective, can make decisions for itself, and will be able to detect obstacles and re-route the journey. All equipment will be built on a standardized platform where it will be simple and cost effective to deploy with the help of cloud technologies. 


With the intelligence moved to equipment from central systems, the robotized solutions don’t require heavy investment in infrastructure. In additional to driving productivity, the solutions are leading the industry closer to completely unmanned material handling.

  • RoboTractor
  • RoboLifter
  • RoboStacker
  • RoboHandler