Pick-By-Robot System

June 7, 2017
Magazino provides item-specific picking

Order-picking-robot TORU brings automated order picking down to individual items. System moves independently to a shelf, removes required individual objects and stores them in its equipped removable shelf before delivering them to the shipping station.


TORU’s simple integration, ability to react to changes in the environment and work safely alongside humans makes the entry into logistics 4.0 an easy one. Up to now, only the entire load carriers, such as pallets or crates, could have been automated, so TORU is able to access the individual objects with more precision.


As a mobile robot, TORU navigates independently through the warehouse and can react to spontaneous deviations.


The required article is identified directly by TORU, securely sized, and finally deposited at its destination without any human intervention.


With TORU, a robot was developed for picking up cube-shaped objects, e.g. books and shoeboxes.